WinRT Viewer for Reporting Services

Creating Windows Store application and need to integrate SQL Server Reporting Services? Have hundreds of generated reports and switching to another reporting tool is not an option? There is a seamless solution that will immediately cure these issues - WinRT Viewer for Reporting Services, which is a native WinRT component able to view and work with SSRS reports under Windows 8.

SSRS Reports in "Metro" style
WinRT Viewer for Reporting Services can easily integrate SSRS reports into native Windows 8 XAML & WinRT based applications. It offers the following Windows 8 compatibility features
Windows 8 compatible interface
Support for both mouse and touch-based interface. Multi-touch gestures for navigation and scaling.
Ability to integrate the viewer with Search, Share and Settings Charms

Unrivalled User Experience
WinRT Viewer for Reporting Services is an ultimate component providing unrivalled user experience as it allows to manipulate, process and further analyze reports by offering the following abilities

Windows 8 compatible interface
Support for both mouse and touch-based interface. Multi-touch gestures for navigation and scaling.

SSRS reports are viewed in native XAML format
Reports are got in native XAML format with the help of Custom Rendering Extension that is installed on SSRS. It is possible to work with the reports as with a part of application: view in WinRT apps, combine objects, zoom in and out without loss of quality, etc.

Flip and Grid view of reports
Users can view reports as a set of thumbnails (grid) or as a full screen document (flip). This feature completely addresses Metro-style interface requirements.

Export Options
PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, TIFF, XML and other export filters are available. Users can select whether to save the report to a file or use Windows 8 Share-contract for work with the report in other applications.

Ability to integrate controls into AppBar
WinRT report viewer has its own menu enabled by default. Nevertheless it is possible to disable this menu and move menu buttons to AppBar page, since it complies with the main Windows 8 principle of focusing on the content – “content first”.

Styles and skins
Styles and skins allow developers to change design of any control elements.

Convenient bookmark tree able to save current position
A user has access to hierarchical bookmarks list when navigating through the report. Every list item can bring users to the necessary page or open a list of nested bookmarks.

Easy to integrate
Only 3 XAML code lines and 4 lines of code in Code Behind – and the component is added! Intermediate WCF service is still necessary to store and cash data and to interact with SSRS. However, next product version will get rid of this intermediate service and all manipulations with data will be performed on the client side.

Full-text search and result highlighting is available in the reports.

Drilldown and drill through support
It’s possible to use Reporting Services features in WinRT Viewer and expand some report part to view details. Besides, a user is able to navigate between the reports via hyperlinks and open specified URL in the browser.

Component Property
Component Type .NET
Version v3.2.0

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WinRT Viewer for Reporting Services

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