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A modern text processor that delivers fast and robust document processing.

Nevron Writer supports a wide variety of text formats (TXT, RTF, DOCX and HTML). The main design goal of Nevron Writer is to provide you with an intuitive and comprehensive text model, which is very similar to HTML, but with extensions specific to text processing associated with printed media - header and footers, columns etc. Saving DOCX, HTML and PDF documents is part of Nevron Writer Professional Edition.

Ribbon or Command Bars
Nevron Writer now allows it's users to feel even more at ease by making the interface of the text editor similar to Microsoft Word. It offers the user the ability to switch between the classic command bars (Office 2003 style) and the modern Ribbon command interface - you can easily switch between the two user interfaces based on your preference, and enjoy better word processing experience.

HTML with inline styles or CSS classes
Nevron Writer provides the possibility of saving a text document as an HTML file with inline styling or embedded CSS style sheets. The text written and formatted in Nevron Writer (along with custom styled tables and images) can be transferred to any online system accepting raw HTML input such as WordPress, Blogger,, and many others.

Windows, Mac or Online
Nevron Writer provides an absolutely identical text writing and editing experience on Windows, Mac and online in your browser via Silverlight. The Writer Online doesn't require registration - anybody can create, open, edit and save documents absolutely free of charge and without any limitations or the need to disclose personal information.

From DOCX to PDF and from HTML to PDF
With Nevron Writer you can easily convert DOCX and RTF files to PDF, retaining all formatting untouched. You can also convert DOCX and RTF file formats to HTML, or HTML to PDF. With the new "Open URL" feature, Nevron Writer allows you to load web pages inside it just like in a browser and save them afterwards as documents or PDF files.

Absolutely unique editing
With Nevron Writer the editing experience goes way beyond the capabilities of other text editors. Besides all of the regular features everybody is already familiar with (such as bold, italic, underlined text, text color and text highlight, tables, image import, links and so on), Nevron Writer introduces padding and margin options for a paragraph, or for a section of text.

In Nevron Writer highlighting is no longer limited to a few basic colors that not everybody likes: it allows the user to select any possible color of the general palette.

Background colors of paragraphs and sections plus colors of borders and text can be anything from solid colors, to hatch, gradient or image filling with a custom level of transparency. And these are only some of the many advanced features Nevron Writer offers.

Custom interface
Nevron Writer comes with several UI themes, allowing the user to select the UI look and feel according to their personal preference. Anybody working under Windows can select a Mac look and feel and vice versa: anybody working under Mac can select the look and feel of Windows 8, Windows 7 and even Windows XP in several color variations.

Nevron Writer Pro adds more features:

With Nevron Writer Professional there is no limitation in the type of documents that can be created - standard MS Word DOCX format, formatting-free TXT, Rich Text Format (RTF) documents, as well as HTML files with inline styling or embedded CSS style sheets. Writer Pro users can also take advantage of the advanced PDF export of documents - WYSIWYG export to PDF directly.

Professional text formatting
Nevron Writer provides advanced text formatting abilities, the text can be decorated with a number of fill styles including standard linear and radial gradients, images and hatch with various transparency levels. The border of the text (as unseen anywhere else) can be styled completely independent of the characters with just as many variations. The text can additionally be given background filling (selection is just as rich in options as for the text itself) or highlighted with just about any color in the color palette.

Margin and padding are very easy to set, provided in an editor which is visual and easy to comprehend.

Adding and styling tables
Adding and styling tables in Nevron Writer is and intuitive, but provides extended functionality allowing the visual presentation of a table to go way beyond simply organized text in rows and columns. With Nevron Writer you can create tables with gradient, hatch, solid color and image fill effects which are completely HTML compatible.

Group blocks
The Group Block concept is exclusively provided only in Nevron Writer. It allows the grouping of two paragraphs or sections of text (and/or image) even when the text is separated into columns. The grouped paragraphs are combined into a DIV tag and can then be styled and applied rules to as a single object. Editing the paragraphs remains possible without the need to ungroup the items.

Text sections and columns
A section of the document can contain a single page, half page or multiple pages and is primarily used in documents, where some pages are in portrait and others in landscape mode (or if different pages need to have different sizes). Sections are used when the content of the document needs to be separated into columns. Sections can help you create documents with newspaper layout.

Docx to PDF conversion
Nevron Writer supports flawless conversion from DOCX to PDF. Convert your documents to PDF by retaining all formatting untouched with the advanced WYSIWYG export to PDF.

HTML to editable format
Unlike other text editors, Nevron Writer allows you to open not only documents, but web pages as well, which are then converted into editable documents. You can open, edit and save pages as if they were written inside Nevron Writer. Certain limitations apply (Nevron Writer will not load Javascript), however all text is completely modifiable when loaded through Nevron Writer.

HTML to PDF convertion
With Nevron Writer converting an HTML file or even a web page to PDf is just few clicks away. With the new "Open URL" function, you simply enter the URL address of the website and load it inside the text editor.

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