Nevron 3DChart for ActiveX
  • Nevron 3DChart for ActiveX
About Nevron 3DChart
Create attractive 3D and 2D charts for client applications and web pages using COM or .NET technologies.

3DChart uses the OpenGL 3D graphics engine to create sophisticated 2D and 3D charts and graphs that can incorporate still or animated images. 3DChart includes a standalone application for chart template generation and an ASP server configuration utility. The component also includes a toolbar component specially designed to integrate with 3DChart. Complete HTML help system and examples in VB, VB7, C#, C++, IE, ASP, ASP .NET, Access, FoxPro, Power Point, Excel and Word.

Main Features include:

  • 32- bit ActiveX component for Visual Basic and other ActiveX compatible environments (Visual C++, Delphi, Microsoft Office and many more). Fully supports the .NET environment
  • Build on OpenGL technology. 3DChart works well on machines with OpenGL accelerated video cards
  • Specially optimized for speed and memory performance. 3DChart can display thousands of data points and at the same time is guaranteed to have a small memory footprint
  • Easy and comprehensive object model - no matter what experience you have in charting you should be able to create complex charts in hours
  • State of the art Microsoft-like visual interface available at runtime
  • Ability to display 23 chart types with lots of different style and logic variations and unique visual effects. 3DChart enables you to create presentation quality "out of the box" charts with ease
  • More than 30 predefined financial and statistical functions
  • Ability to display multiple charts in the same charting canvas and describe them on one or more legends
  • Direct connection to any ADO data source. The ADO database integration is flexible, you can even extract the tooltips and the text alignment of the individual data points
  • Seamless ASP and ASP.NET integration. You can create a dynamic client side by just visually editing the component. Configuring the chart to work on ASP and ASP.NET servers is done with a helper application - no code is required to manage your temporary native state, active content or image files. Inserting the chart in the ASP or ASP.NET page is done with one function call. 3DChart is user agent sensitive and can generate different responses to different browsers. Increased security features
  • Flexible integrated legend able of displaying almost any descriptive information you want
  • Advanced control over the axis scaling and position - there is no scale mode that we do not support and the axes can be displayed at any position you may think of
  • Annotations can be positioned on arbitrary positions enabling you to increase the readability of the created images
  • Ability to display several charting types simultaneously. 3DChart can show two charts on the same data series as well as position the chart at any location of the floor grid
  • Ability to display multiple charts and legends in the component canvas
  • Advanced control over the OpenGL rendering engine. You can create a grayscale, jittered or antialised images with just one click
  • Export to JPEG, PNG, Bitmap, Targa, Tiff or native Chart format. The component can also export PNG, Tiff and Targa images with transparent background
  • The chart data can be exported to HTML, XML and tab delimited text files
  • Support for SVG and HTML image maps
  • Ability to generate WML output for WAP devices. Monochrome bitmap support
  • The component fully uses the Nevron LLC 3D ActiveX standard. There is not a single surface on which you cannot assign an Animated Texture and material including texts! Some of the visual effects that you can generate with the standard Nevron objects are not even present in professional 3D modeling studio applications
  • Unique export to code feature. The component can generate the code necessary to replicate the current component state in one of the following programming languages: Visual Basic, VBScript, JScript, C++ and C#
  • Supports Windows XP look and feel
  • Supports Unicode and Localization to different languages

Component Property
Component Type ActiveX
Version 7.0

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Nevron 3DChart for ActiveX

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