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DEXTUploadJ is a HTTP protocol-based server side component supporting file uploading from web-browsers to web server and it can be used in all Servlet environment hosted with Linux, Unix platform web servers.
Java version of DEXTUpload product being serviced in more than 10,000 sites with the highest performance and stability among national, international upload component. Please enjoy excellent file upload and download service by applying on various web-business environments being serviced with JSP.
1. Support powerful file upload
- Possible to upload large capacity file of more than 2GB
- Quick uploading and use low system resources by the application of optimum parsing algorithm
- Support transaction process which cancels the entire process if there is error while uploading multiple files
- Support overwriting uploaded files, save as different name, automatic folder creation
- Support file upload to Database BLOB
- Support file upload along with various form data
- Support uploadable file filtering, setting capacity restrictions, upload Timeout
- Support perfect processing of form data and file name created in Unicode

2. Provide file upload progress window
- Does not need separate client software for displaying progress window
- Real time display of progresses as in upload speed, upload file size, size of transmitted file, time remaining
- Support user-defined progress window

3. Support file download
- Powerful resumed download
- Possible to set to download at all times without opening from browsers when downloading files
- File download from Database BLOB

4. Support image processing
- It is possible to mark images or characters as needed for marking property rights on image files by water
  marking on uploaded image files
- Shows images files in desired size by thumb nailing uploaded images.
  :JDK 1.4 - Supports JPG,PNG format conversion
  :JDK 1.5 - Supports JPG,PNG,BMP,WBMP format conversion
  :JDK 1.6 - Supports JPG,PNG,BMP,WBMP,GIF format conversion
- Support various format, width, height of image files(JPG,BMP,PNG,WBMP etc.)
- Environment supporting Java Servlet from Linux, Unix, FreeBSD
- JRE 1.4.2 or above
OS Windows (x86), RedHat Linux , HP-UX(Itanium2) Etc
Web Server & WAS Apache 2, Tomcat 4.x, 5.x, SunONE(iPlanet) 6.1, Resin, BEA WebLogic 8.1,
Jboss Etc
DEXTUploadJ(Java) is a very powerful and useful upload component for those who want to upload files to their web servers. If you are operating services involving Web mail, Web forum, Web hard disk and Web photo shop, then DEXTUploadJ(Java) can definitely make your job easier and more efficient.

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