PowerVT Emulator
  • PowerVT Emulator
  • PowerVT is an easy-to-use VT terminal emulation application for Windows.  Flexible and easy to learn, with context sensitive help,  Multiple Document Interface, and a familiar Windows look and feel, it's easy for new users to become immediately productive -- training costs are minimized for deployment across your enterprise.
    PowerVT is versatile - supporting Telnet, modem, and direct serial communications. PowerVT supports multiple concurrent connections, is easily customized, and includes key remapping, scripting, multinational character sets, logging, printing, file transfers, and more!
    Reduce Training Costs
    For use with Windows 3.x, 95/98, NT4, NT2000, XP, 2003, and Vista, PowerVT is easy to install and use. The Workspace Explorer look makes file organization a breeze for your Systems Administrator. Also, familiar Windows icons give way to easy assimilation by the end-user - significantly reducing training costs.
    One Emulation Solution for Your Global Company
    PowerVT handles multinational and national character sets. This feature allows you to use PowerVT in your domestic and international offices.
    Automate Repetitive Tasks
    With powerful scripting features, PowerVT automates repetitive tasks such as logging in and running reports. PowerVT supports key re-mapping and the programming of keys to any character sequence. Map PC-keys to VT-keys, send host command strings, automatically run scripts, and accelerate frequently used menu commands.
    Save Time - Increase Productivity
    With PowerVT, organizing and managing several open sessions at the same time becomes effortless and results in increased productivity. Session descriptions are easily saved to disk for later use - another time saving feature!
    Feel secure with PowerVT knowing that it is fully backed by a team of support technicians and product developers. You will receive 90 days of free technical support with PowerVT. Our support staff offers a quick response to your technical needs.
    Fully Supports Standard File Transfer Protocols
    PowerVT uses popular protocols such as Kermit, X, Y, ZMODEM, and CompuserveB+ over Telnet or serial port when transferring files.
    Diagnose Host Configuration Problems on the Fly
    Logging and playback features help solve host configuration problems.
    More Benefits:
  • Color scheme - choose from a variety of colors
  • Font used - fonts support precise graphic emulation
  • Location of tabs
  • Simultaneous Telnet, modem and direct serial connections
  • Rows, columns, and scrollback size
  • Key re-mappings and programming keys
  • Print Mode - Auto print mode, Printer Controller mode, Print Screen and Print Selection
  • Cursor style, Auto wrap, scrolling style, terminal type, and much more!
Software Properties Group
32bit/64bit 32bit
32bit/64bit 64bit
For OS Windows XP and above
Version 3.0

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PowerVT Emulator

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