Teechart VCL/FMX
  • Teechart VCL/FMX

Deliver high performance charting solutions.

TeeChart Standard VCL allows you to create 2D, 3D orthogonal and pseudo-3D charts for your VCL applications. TeeChart Standard VCL features include export to picture, print and print preview window, decision cube compatibility, gradients and more. TeeChart Standard VCL includes standard series styles like Line, Bar, Area, Pie, Fast-Line, Point, Horizontal bar and Gantt series style. TeeChart Standard VCL features are a subset of the features found on TeeChart Pro VCL.

  • Main features:
  • TeeChart Pro offers hundreds of Graph styles in 2D and 3D, 40 mathematical and statistical Functions for you to choose from together with an unlimited number of axes and 22 Palette components.
  • Full source code (optionally) included !
    The 100% TeeChart Pro VCL source code is available for an extra fee to the regular license price. The same source code supports Windows (Delphi and C++ Builder), .Net ( Delphi 8 ) and Linux (Kylix / CLX).
  • Fast speed and small memory size consumption.
    TeeChart graphical code speaks directly to Windows GDI API. Data is stored in dynamic arrays that are very closely mapped to memory which makes access and modifying the arrays almost as fast as the computer processor. The code is streamlined as much as possible to increase internal speed, especially when re-drawing.Other rendering outputs are OpenGL (3D), SVG, DirectX, etc but they aren't as fast as plain old GDI for realtime charting.
  • Divided into several modules (units) to reduce executable size.
    A chart using the basic styles ( line, bar, area, pie, point ), has an executable size of only 190Kb. Packages (groups of units), are logically grouped depending on the category of each feature. Developers can create custom packages or .Net assemblies to group modules as per their own needs.
  • Easy to use at design and run-time.
    TeeChart includes powerful and complete editor dialogs, for almost every component and sub-component. These editors are available at design-time and also at run-time. The TeeCommander component (a toolbar with charting specific buttons) provides one-click access to TeeChart editors, print preview dialogs and common features.
  • Complete Object Oriented API.
    The architecture of TeeChart is fully Object Oriented. Almost everything is an object or belongs to an object class. Properties, methods and events follow a general, consistent style. Technically speaking, TeeChart Pro consists of 161 modules (units) and 90 form screens, totalling 798 object classes. Each class has properties that in many cases are other sub-classes, either from TeeChart API or from Borland's VCL set of classes.
    Huge documentation and examples.
  • The help file and documentation include a reference guide, a user guide, tutorials with detailed "how to" explanations, end-user help and a comprehensive example project (with complete sources) that contains 376 forms. The TeeChart help file follows the look and rules of Borland's help system and is completely integrated at design-time from the development IDE's. Pressing F1 gives context help for almost all screens and source code elements.

  • Translations into several languages.
    Available in 25 languages, translated dialogs and constants can be used both at design-time (if you recompile the packages or assemblies), and at run-time by just recompiling your application.
    Once your application is compiled, end-users can switch the language for TeeChart dialogs and constants at runtime, without needing any external file or dll, just a single call like - TeeSetSpanish;
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Component Type FMX, VCL
Version 2017

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Teechart VCL/FMX

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