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Deliver high performance charting solutions to your PHP applications.

Steema TeeChart for PHP includes many series types to visualize data and function types including many specialized financial functions, multiple axes, multiple tool, export formats as image or as Text or XML data. TeeChart for PHP display features include customisable canvas objects, transparency and anti-aliasing, 2D and 3D views. Source Code available. TeeChart for PHP supports PHP5 and above. Export formats include: JPEG, GIF, PNG, Native Tep, WBMP. Charts may be streamed directly to the browser to avoid maintenance of temporary files.

TeeChart for PHP is an advanced charting component for PHP. TeeChart for PHP offers database support, direct access to URL addressable Charts, zoom, scroll at runtime, Template import / export, multi-page charts, statistical functions and many more features:

  • 100% PHP5 code
  • Optional - Full PHP source code available
  • Support for PHP5 and above
  • Components for Delphi for PHP Applications
  • Database support
  • Direct access to URL addressable Charts
  • Designtime PHP Form WYSIWYG Chart Control
  • Standard Series types
  • Extended Series types
  • Statistical functions
  • 2D, 3D
  • TeeChart Themes for template and colour palette management
  • Direct high-speed, add of Array data to Chart. Very quick !
  • Zoom, scroll at runtime
  • Multiple unlimited Custom Axes
  • Flash / Flex export.
  • Image export as WBMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF.
  • Data export as Text, XML.
  • Template import / export (TEP).
  • Chart add-on tools including annotation and colour banding
  • Multi-page Charts
  • Custom 3D Drawing Objects
  • Transparency and anti-aliasing on all Chart object Pens, Brushes, Fonts and Gradients
  • Extensive demos for Delphi for PHP
  • PHPDoc help
  • Optional Professional level technical support

Delphi for PHP integration
TeeChart for PHP includes a palette component for Delphi for PHP programming environment.

Export Formats
Export formats include: JPEG, GIF, PNG, Native Tep, WBMP. Charts may be streamed directly to the browser to avoid maintenance of temporary files.

Flash / Flex Chart Format
Flash / Flex format is now available for some Series types, including animations.

Multiple Axes
Add and setup Multiple Axes or add them at runtime. Virtually unlimited Axes may be added and independently configured.

Financial Charts
TeeChart Pro is packed with functionality to produce high-class financial Charting applications. Open-High-Low-Close Series, Candle, Volume and MACD, ADX, Stochastic, Bollinger, Momentum, Moving Average and many more statistical functions.

Custom Tools
Codefree tools to offer Annotation, Colour banding with transparency, Custom Lines, Page numbering, Background image display.

Custom 3D Drawing Objects
TeeChart's Custom Canvas gives you full access to any part of the Chart for unlimited customisability.

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Component Type PHP
Version 2015

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Teechart PHP

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