Stimulsoft Reports.Java

Add reports to your Java desktop and Web applications.

Stimulsoft Reports for Java is a reporting solution, designed to interact with your Java applications. The report engine was developed using Adobe Flash. Reports are rendered, displayed and edited using this technology which allows you to run the product on any client where Flash Player is installed. You can use the product with client-server and desktop versions of Java applications.  A fully-featured standalone report designer is included in Stimulsoft Reports for Java. This allows designers to work on multiple platforms without compatibility issues. In addition to the standalone report designer, Stimulsoft Reports for Java includes a report designer that can be launched in a browser window (Web component) and from a Java application (SWT component).

Stimulsoft Reports for Java Utilization
Reports can be run from a file system or database on the server. At the same time they are built on the client using Flash technology, it helps to reduce the load on the server. Stimulsoft Reports for Java is not only suitable for client-server applications, but also for Desktop applications written with the help of a popular library for creating graphical interfaces SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit).

Stimulsoft Reports for Java Interactivity
The report designer was created using the Adobe Flash technology. The designer supports all basic editing functions: visual design of reports, copy/paste, drag and drop, zoom and much more. Almost every interface item has tooltips which explain or illustrate the item can be used.

Stimulsoft Reports for Java Integration
Stimulsoft Reports for Java is easily integrated into your Java application. You need just a few lines of code to run a report.

Stimulsoft Reports for Java Compatibility
Reports created in Stimulsoft Reports for Java are fully compatible with reports generated in other Stimulsoft reporting tools. You can edit and build the same reports without worrying about whether they will work in the other products. Also, you can use the import utility from the third-party report generators.

Stimulsoft Reports for Java Deployment
You simply copy libraries and connect them to the project. Whether it is a Web or desktop application, simply specify a component you need to work with. Everything can be done in two steps.

Component Property
Component Type Java
Version 2017.1

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Stimulsoft Reports.Java

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