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Simplify and achieve more with the Chart FX Extensions Pack

With the Chart FX Extensions Pack developers are no longer required to spend hours configuring a generic charting component to specific data or behavior. Instead, Chart FX Extensions (.NET controls) can be added to either Chart FX for .NET 6.2 or Chart FX 7 to adapt to these data sources enabling organizations to quickly and economically develop solutions that meet unique business needs.

The Chart FX Extensions Pack provides four main components as well as supplementary functionality including a Polar gallery type, Accessibility (Section 508), a Flash writer and PSS to maximize server performance in a web server environment.

The Extensions Pack accommodates Chart FX 7 features
The Chart FX Extensions Pack will accommodate itself to the new features of Chart FX 7 if you choose that as your Core Product. Accommodated features include:
Smart Tag Capabilities
Chart FX 7 makes full use of Visual Studio Smart Tags, and also takes advantage of this infrastructure to build a fully functional Wizard that allows developers to quickly access Chart FX 7's main features. When you drop a control in a Visual Studio form a Smart Tag appears in the upper-right hand corner of the control. The Smart Tag is a drop down menu that contains a list of actions that allow developers to quickly access common used options and functionality.

Simple Integration
Once an Extension has been installed, you can simply add the Extension to an existing chart by using the SmartTag on the respective chart and selecting 'Add Extension'. Once you have linked the Extension to the chart, the SmartTag reflects the new options available for the chosen Extension.

Zero-Footprint Rendering Engine
The Extensions Pack .NET control supports zero-footprint, fully interactive charts in the browser through the use of DHTML and AJAX technology. This provides a means of supplying end users with a fully-secure, seamless client experience without any downloads or installations.

Data Wizard
The Chart FX 7 Smart Tag Wizard provides the basic data-source configuration option available to other controls in Visual Studio, so you can quickly create and/or connect to an existing database or dataset in your project. Although Visual Studio makes it simple to connect to data sources, there is still a lot of processing that needs to be done in order to make a dataset functional to a chart component but with the Chart FX 7 Data Wizard connecting to data sources is a breeze.

Component Property
Component Type ActiveX
Component Environments C++Builder

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Extensions Pack

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