Nevron User Interface for .NET
  • Nevron User Interface for .NET
  • Nevron User Interface for .NET fully supports Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010. It includes a rich and powerful docking library (Enterprise Edition only), professional and extensible command bars and a set of extended Windows Forms controls designed to bring the latest GUI standards and technologies to your Windows Forms applications. The suite introduces lots of new custom controls which make it easy to create a modern end-user presentation layer. The Enterprise Edition includes: docking panels, command bars, buttons, color tools, comboboxes, listboxes and more. Includes VS 2005, VS 2008 and VS 2010 compatible components.
    Main features
  • Docking Panels
  • Command Bars
  • Entirely Custom Set of Windows Forms Controls
  • Unique rendering system
  • Consistency
  • Border Appearance
  • Full control over each aspect of visual representation
  • Rich design-time support
  • Unified overall appearance that lies on palettes and color tables
  • Support for overall 3D-style - Flat or Light3D
  • WindowsXP Theme support - skin your application by just specifying WindowsDefault color scheme
Docking Panels
Nevron User Interface introduces a powerful docking library which provides your applications with the latest WYSIWYG docking standards and technologies. These are interface structured hierarchies of predefined controls that can be docked, floated or redocked using visual feedback at run-time. The unique tree-based layout system allows for practically any complex structure to be achieved in a few lines of code. The dock manager uses advanced logic for getting a valid dock area and overcomes limitations of the standard docking behavior experienced in other products. Nevron Docking Panels are extremely flexible and feature-rich. The framework support nested containers as well as multiple dock managers per form. By default all UI elements are rendered by a common renderer, all layout operations are performed by a common layout engine, drag events are handled by a common drag handler, etc. All of these objects can be replaced with your own custom ones either at the manager's level or per docking panel instance.

Command Bars
Nevron Command Bars provides you with distinguished menus and toolbars created entirely from scratch. The framework shares a consistent, feature-rich yet easy to use API across all command bars which allows for any complex logic to be easily implemented. Based on the core Nevron UI render logic all command bars are professional looking and fully customizable in each aspect of visual representation. The rich design-time support enables you to easily create modern MS Office 2003-like menus and toolbars with dock/undock/redock capabilities.

Custom Toolbox
Nevron User Interface extends almost every control in the standard Windows Forms toolbox in order to give it stylish and consistent look-and-feel. The suite comes with a total of 70+ extended/custom controls all fully extensible, customizable and with great appearance. By using these controls you can build Graphical User Interfaces with clean, consistent and professional look-and-feel.

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Component Type .NET
Version 2017.1

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Nevron User Interface for .NET

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