NOV Rich Text Editor for .NET
  • NOV Rich Text Editor for .NET

Delivers fast and robust text and document processing abilities to your applications.

NOV Text Editor for .NET is a fully featured, cross-platform text processor which aims to deliver fast and robust text processing abilities to your applications. It is not Just Another Text Processor as Nevron Text was built from the ground up to bridge the gap between HTML and old text processing models (Word) and at the same time to deliver features not found in either of them. As a result Nevron Text can edit both Word like and HTML documents.

The main features of the NOV Rich Text Editor control are:

Character Formatting
Characters can be formatted using different settings for font, font size, character style - bold, italic, underlined, strike-through style and different colors for background, foreground etc.

  • Font style support (Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough)
  • Font name (ability to switch the font family)
  • Font size
  • Superscript / Subscript
  • Foreground Fill (color, gradient, hatch etc. fill style can be applied on all text elements)
  • Highlight Fill and Background Fill
  • Controllable visibility of special characters (page breaks, line breaks etc.)
  • Widgets - other controls can be inserted inside paragraphs

Paragraph Formatting
Paragraph formatting include indentation, alignment, line height control, RTL support, tabs etc.

  • Line indentation - first line indent, hanging indent
  • Alignment (Left, Right, Center, Justify)
  • Line Height control
  • Right To Left language support (Arabic and Hebrew)
  • Tabs - custom tab positions and tab alignment (Left, Center, Right and Decimal), tab leader styles.
  • Widow/Orphan control

Bullets and Numbering
NOV Text Editor supports numbered, bulleted and mixed multilevel lists.

  • Arabic, Roman, Alphabetic, Symbol, Cardinal, Ordinal etc. bullet numbering
  • Multi level bullets list - bullet lists can be nested in each other to produce bullets such as (2.1, 2.1.1 etc.)
  • Bullet Tabs - tabs can follow the bullet list item to produce equally indented text in the paragraph
  • Counters - bullet lists can use a custom or automatically assigned bullet counter
  • Templates - bullet lists can specify a bullet list template that governs how bullets are created and formatted
  • Bullets can be embedded in the paragraphs or displayed next to the bullet list item content (like in HTML)

NOV Text Editor provides advanced support for tables - you can nest tables, split and merge table cells, insert and remove rows, apply borders etc.

  • Columns - Tables columns with Fixed, Automatic and Percentage width and custom specified appearance.
  • Rows - Table rows with preferred, min, max height and custom specified appearance.
  • Row / Col Merge Cells - each table cell can be configured to span a range of cells in the table.
  • Nested Tables - tables can be nested in each other.
  • Table Borders - support for collapsed and expanded table border. Ability to specify horizontal and vertical cell spacing.


  • Headers and Footers - ability to specify headers and footer for first, even or odd page.
  • Page Size / Orientation - page size and orientation can be specified per section.
  • Columns - multiple columns per section with controllable column spacing.
  • Column Separator - separator line between columns on the page.
  • Section Breaks - Continuous, Even Page, Odd Page, New Page section break separators.
  • Section Appearance customization.

Group Blocks
Group blocks can reside in any block container and contain any other type of block. They provide a convenient way to group blocks together and are very similar to "div" elements in HTML. The control follows the HTML formatting model so all block elements (Paragraph, Div, Table etc.) have a number of common features:

  • Margins / Padding and Border thickness
  • Border
  • Background Fill
  • Preferred Width and Height
  • Min / Max Width and Height
  • Paging Control -Break Before block, Break After block, Avoid Page breaks inside.
  • Floating blocks - all blocks (except table row and cell) support floating (Left / Right) and float clear mode.

Image Formats
NOV Text Editor provides support for the following image formats:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • GIF
  • Animated GIF
  • EMF
  • WMF

EMF and WMF image formats retain scalability when printed or exported to vector formats (PDF).

Text Formats
Currently, NOV Text provides support for the following Text Formats:

  • TXT - Support for text import from Unicode and other encodings (ANSI, Western European etc.).
  • RTF - Supports all major Rtf import features
  • HTML - Supports html tag soup, css, inline css
  • PDF - Export only

Support for loading from TXT, RTF, HTML, NTB (Nevron Text Native binary format) and NTX (Nevron Text Binary Format).

Support for saving text files TXT, RTF, HTML, NTB (Nevron Text Native binary format) and NTX (Nevron Text Binary Format) and PDF.

Editing Features

  • WYSIWYG - The control is completely device resolution independent - what you get on the screen will look the same way on any device (printer, pdf etc.).
  • In place property editing - All formatting editors modify the text document in place, which allows you to quickly preview your settings.
  • Views - Normal, Print and Web view
  • Header / Footer - in place editing for header / footer
  • Characters formatting - font size, font style, font name, superscript, subscript etc.
  • Unlimited Undo / Redo
  • Find / Replace - Ability to specify different match options like upper/lower case, text normalization and search direction.
  • Goto - Ability to jump to different document parts (page number, line number etc.).
  • Clipboard - the control supports Cut / Copy / Paste / Paste Special commands.
  • Insert Breaks - line break, page break, section break, column break.
  • Insert Image from File, Insert Field, Insert Hyperlink
  • Format the current selection as bullet list
  • Increase / Decrease block indentation
  • Horizontal and Vertical Ruler Bars
  • Zooming - zoom in / out and free zoom slider.

Unique Features

  • Performance - Nevron Text is one of the World's fastest text processors and is able to process huge amounts of text. It can easily handle 1000+ page documents. The control is approximately five times faster than MS Word in both RTF import and layout processing speed.
  • Presentation - the control features text processing features found in desktop publishing applications like the ability to apply images, gradients, stroke to all text elements (blocks, text, tables etc.).
  • Open URL feature - the control can open URL with HTML directly, just like a browser.
  • Paging Control - the control supports page formatting instructions at every level of the document tree including tables and floating blocks. This means you can insert page breaks inside table cells or floating blocks, which is not achieved by other text processing programs.
  • Widgets - you can embed every other widget found in NOV inside the text content which allows you to build HTML like interfaces. The Widgets can be persisted in text binary and xml formats (NTB and NTX), printed and exported to PDF.
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NOV Rich Text Editor for .NET

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