Instrumentation Widgets for PDA
  • Instrumentation Widgets for PDA

Instrumentation Widgets for PDA is a library of meters, sliders, gauges, switches, toggles, dials, thermometers, and other .NET Compact Framework components which emulate hardware devices. They are all 100% managed components written in C#. All device emulators are fully customizable and scalable. You can change orientation, size, color, font types, value range, number format, and other properties of each component.All controls use double buffering to produce smooth animation and avoid flickering. The product features quasi-alpha-channel support and the ability to bind any control properties to a data source of any kind. Integrating Instrumentation Widgets for PDA components into your software applications is a simple and straightforward process as no special designer or programmer skills are required.

Instrumentation Widgets for PDA Features
The rich library of 100% .NET Managed Components written in C#.

Compatible with Visual Studio .NET, Borland C# Builder, Delphi .NET, and other .NET IDEs. It can also be used without an IDE.

Support for Double Buffering.
The double buffering is used to produce smooth animation and avoid flickering of controls when their properties are being dynami cally changed.

Visual components are fully customizable.
Custom component settings including sizing, coloring, and reedom from restrictive bitmap controls which limit your form design-all these features allow a developer to design highly- competitive .NET applications for Pocket PCs with excellent user interfaces.

Source code availability.
The professional version of Instrumentation Widgets for PDA comes with full source code that gives a developer total control over the application.

Royalty-free runtime.
Instrumentation Widgets for PDA is runtime royalty-free; you can distribute the product with your application to end-users without any additional fees.

Full support for data binding.
When using Instrumentation Widgets for PDA , it is possible to bind all control properties to a data source of any kind.

Look & feel of real-life instrumentation hardware.
Instrumentation Widgets for PDA provides a rich library of ready- made high-resolution controls that are designed with GDI+ and accurately reproduce the appearance and behavior of hardware devices.

Easy to use.
Instrumentation Widgets for PDA is extremely easy to use. It comes with a demo-application and a convenient hypertext class reference.

Easy to deploy.
In order to make the application which uses Instrumentation Widgets for PDA work on a user's machine, simply copy a few DLLs to the program directory.

Skilled and timely support to users around the world.
You can get skilled technical support for the product via e-mail or on the forum on our site within 24 hours.

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Component Type .NET
Version 2014

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Instrumentation Widgets for PDA

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