EMS SQL Backup for SQL Server

EMS SQL Backup is an easy-to-use and powerful tool to perform backup and restore SQL Server databases that includes hot deployment mechanism and monitoring tasks progress.
Quick backup and restore
A high-performance multi-threaded backup significantly saves time needed for backup. A handy Restore Wizard collates the necessary sequence of backup files in accordance with your requirements. Bulk restore wizard provides quick recovery of databases on the server, checking backup set consistency or its deployment on a new server.
Compressing backup files
High speed of backup creation is also governed by use of effective compression algorithm with variable settings of compression and threads number*. The compressed backup feature does not depend on the SQL server version. Saves disk space!
Backup encryption
For security purposes, EMS SQL Backup encrypts backup files while creating them using AES, DES, Blowfish algorithms*. The encrypted backup feature does not depend on the SQL server version.
Cloud services
EMS SQL Backup saves backup files in remote storage. Implemented support of Amazon S3, FTP (SSL), SFTP (SSH), Windows network folders (CIFS), Microsoft Azure, Google Drive, Dropbox.
A set of regular database maintenance tasks
In addition to backup and restore EMS SQL Backup allows to solve such important database maintenance tasks as re-indexing, updating statistics, shrinking, log shipping, etc. Using this set of tasks, it is possible to customize complete database maintenance policies.
Automation of maintenance tasks fulfillment
Any task, including backup and bulk recovery, can be scheduled and executed automatically. Moreover, it is possible to execute not only separate maintenance tasks, but also any sequence of such tasks. E-mail notification mechanism informing of the task execution results is also provided.
Policy engine
Policy engine allows monitoring the execution of tasks deployed with EMS SQL Backup on multiple servers. Every execution error is available for the detailed analysis. Single EMS SQL Backup Administration Console is enough to monitor any number of servers.
Hot deployment
Due to policy engine you can easily deploy already working and adjusted policy on a new server. Moreover, you can quickly stop policy execution on any server. Now it is not necessary to create similar maintenance tasks on each server.

Key Features
  • Compressing backup files (on any SQL Server version)
  • Reducing backup time up to 4 times (on any SQL Server version)
  • Backup encryption (on any SQL Server version)
  • Support of Cloud Storages: FTP (SSL), SFTP (SSH), Windows network folders (CIFS), Dropbox
  • Easy-to use wizard organizing the log shipping process
  • Backup of files and filegroups
  • Bulk Restore: emergency restore of multiple databases
  • Ability to perform 11 types of maintenance tasks including backup, re-indexing, updating statistics, etc.
  • Policy engine to quickly deploy maintenance tasks to multiple servers and to monitor their execution results
  • Centralized monitoring of policies on multiple servers using the user-friendly GUI console
  • Multi-threaded execution of backup operation to achieve maximum performance
  • Support of SQL Server Failover Cluster
  • Working with Enterprise and BI versions of SQL Server (PRO version only)

Software Properties Group
32bit/64bit 32bit
32bit/64bit 64bit
For OS Windows XP and above
Version 2.2.1

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EMS SQL Backup for SQL Server

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