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Extractor is an agnostic content summarization technology that automatically parses news, information, documents... into relevant and contextually accurate abbreviated summaries.


Used by search engine optimization (SEO) and document management companies, the Extractor summarization technology reads a document, much like a human being does, returning lists of the keywords and key phrases accurately weighted as they are found in that document, text or web page.


Ready for web services, packaged software or customized with the source code framework, Extractor is immediately capable of consuming documents of any length and subject matter, distilling the precise, contextual meaning of the target content into keyword and key phrase summary formats. Extractor's unique patented technology delivers precise content summaries in any subject domain without retraining and without human intervention.

Component Property
Component Type DLL
Component Environments Visual Basic .NET 2002/2003
Component Environments Visual C# .NET
Component Environments Visual C++ .NET
Component Environments Visual C++ 4/5/6
Component Environments Office

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