Aspose.Words for Java
  • Aspose.Words  for Java

Read, modify and write Word documents without utilizing Microsoft Word.

Aspose.Words for Java supports a wide array of features including document creation, content and formatting manipulation, powerful mail merge abilities, exporting to DOC, HTML and PDF (requires Aspose.Pdf). Aspose.Words for Java Application Programming Interface (API) is powerful yet easy to use. To minimize your Aspose.Words for Java learning curve, classes, properties and method names borrow the best practices from two well known APIs: Microsoft Word Object Model and System.Xml. High-level reporting and document building functionality is provided with Aspose.Words for Java as well as detailed programmatic access to all document elements.

Aspose.Words Java Features


  • Written completely in Java
  • Supports all Java applications
  • API Reference in JavaDoc format
  • Fully featured demos in Java
  • Programmers Guide in HTML format

File Formats 

  • Open and save files in Word format
  • Open and save to a disk file or stream

Document Content Features 

  • Access, create, modify and remove paragraphs and text
  • Access, create, modify and remove tables, rows and cells 
  • Access, create, modify and remove fields, form fields, hyperlinks and bookmarks
  • Access, create, modify and remove document sections, headers and footers
  • Access document elements using XmlDocument-like methods and properties 
  • Use XPath to select document elements
  • Copy and move document elements between documents
  • Join and split documents
  • Get and set built-in and custom document properties
  • Specify document protection
  • Enumerate over document content
  • Find and replace text
  • Accepts all revisions in a document
  • Preserve footnotes, endnotes, annotations

Document Formatting Features 

  • Access and modify all character formatting including fonts, colors, effects, borders and shading
  • Access and modify all paragraph formatting including indents, spacing, borders and shading, tab stops
  • Access and modify bulleted and numbered list formatting including numbering and levels
  • Access and modify table formatting including alignment, orientation, borders and shading
  • Access and modify all section properties including paper size, margins and orientation
  • Access, create and modify document styles

Reporting Features 

  • Use standard Microsoft Word mail merge fields or bookmarks in your reports 
  • Use Aspose.Words extended syntax mail merge fields for more complex operations such as insert images or repeatable regions
  • Populate and dynamically grow tables or fragments in the document from your data source using mail merge regions
  • Populate documents with data from any Java data source that implements the ResultSet interface 
  • Take precise control, such as number formatting, over how your data is merged using events
  • Retrieve mail merge field names
  • Use NEXT field to move to next record
Component Property
Component Type Java
Version 17.7.0

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Aspose.Words for Java

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