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About ApexSQL Script
Script SQL objects and data into scripts and deployment packages.
ApexSQL Script is a SQL tool that converts Databases into scripts, .NET EXE's, deployment packages or into source control. Scripts are ordered based on proprietary dependency algorithms to ensure proper order of generated scripts. They can be created from Databases or Source control labels (all SCC compliant source control systems are supported) and it also includes a Command Line interface.  ApexSQL Script allows a rich array of value added scripting attributes to embed customizable text, tags, dates, comments etc. into your scripts to transform your output into a richly tailored output that comes in a variety of formats.
ApexSQL Script - SQL Server scripting
  • Script SQL database objects and data
  • Create executable .NET packages to deploy objects and data
  • Script objects directly to Source Control
  • Automate SQL database migrations
    SQL scripting
    Script both objects and data from various databases simultaneously.
    Multiple output options
    Script SQL Server database to a single SQL file, executable package or a .NET solution.
    SQL database versioning
    Commit a specific database version or label directly to source control.
    Error-free migration
    Ensure that SQL databases are migrated without problems or errors using proprietary dependency analysis algorithms.
    Selective SQL scripting
    Specify processing criteria. Script some, most or all data and SQL objects.
    Support for popular source control providers
    Including Visual Source Safe, Subversion, Team foundation Server, SourceGear Vault, Perforce (soon), and Git.

  • ApexSQL Script Features:
    Source control integration - Including Git, Team Foundation Server, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, SourceGear Vault, and Apache Subversion.
    FIPS support - The application is FIPS compliant
    Visual object filtering - Selectively limit what will be scripted with advanced, visual filtering
    Accurate dependencies - Recognize all object interdependencies, even those that even SQL Server itself fails to identify
    Extended properties editor - Leverage the extended properties that already exist in your SQL database to add detail and context to your objects. Edit these descriptions inline without leaving the tool
    Smart schema mapping - Employ schema mapping to ensure error-free cross-environment migration
    Transparent decryption - Script encrypted objects seamlessly
    Streamlined options
    Customizable display options
    Simultaneous processing - Combine objects and data from multiple SQL databases in a single SQL script, installer or solution
    Database installers - Deploy SQL databases in a single click using executable installers
    Deployment packages - Seamlessly port SQL databases to a .NET solution
    SQL database builds - Export databases directly to version control
    Pre-impact analysis - Review the migration SQL script before it is executed
    Data filtering - Quickly filter out unwanted data
    Column level scripting - Specify the data to be scripted down to the column level
    Custom SQL script support - Augment the deployment script with your own pre or post synchronization scripts
    Seamless source control integration - Native support for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Subversion, Team Foundation Server and SourceGear Vault, and Git
  • Script multiple databases simultaneously
  • Combine objects and data in single SQL script
  • Create SQL database executable installer
  • Create .NET solution from SQL database
  • .NET solution support for Visual Studio 2013
  • Including object dependencies for scripting
  • Selective scripting
  • Schema mapping
  • Column level scripting
  • Extended property editor
  • Object filtering
  • Generated script preview
  • Internal editor
  • Split output script in parts (multiple files)
  • Full support for SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008, 2005
  • Command Line Interface (Pro Only)
Component Property
Database type Microsoft SQL Server 2017
Database type Microsoft SQL Server 2016
Database type Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Database type Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Database type Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Database type Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Software Properties Group
32bit/64bit 32bit
32bit/64bit 64bit
For OS Windows XP and above
Version 2016

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ApexSQL Script

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