ApexSQL Restore
About ApexSQL Restore
Work with backups just like with live databases.
ApexSQL Restore allows you to restore your backups with less time and space. Work with backups just like with live databases, mount backups to a specific point in time, speed up SQL database restores and access data and objects directly inside backups.
ApexSQL Restore Features:
  • Backup mounting
    Work with native or compressed database and transaction log backups just like with live databases.

  • Transparent restores
    Access mounted databases using any database management tool including SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio.

  • Reduced downtime
    Restore backups for fraction of the time and the space needed for a full restore.
  • Complete access
    Access, change or delete data and objects stored in backups without altering the original backup files.
  • Lightweight reporting
    Leverage backups as reporting data sources to avoid performance impact on production databases.

  • Continuous integration
    Speed up your testing environment by re-attaching previously attached backup sets in a single click.

  • Complete recovery solution
    Restore directly to production-ready databases.
Component Property
Database type Microsoft SQL Server 2017, Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Software Properties Group
32bit/64bit 32bit, 64bit
For OS Windows Vista and above
Version 2016.1

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ApexSQL Restore

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