ApexSQL Monitor
  • ApexSQL Monitor

Monitor SQL Server, system, and database performance.

ApexSQL Monitor lets you monitor multiple SQL Server instances, view system performance metrics, identify performance issues and deadlocks. Use the comprehensive dashboard for viewing metrics and see real-time data in comprehensive graphs.

Monitor SQL Server performance
Monitor important SQL Server instance metrics: page life expectancy, page reads and writes per second, target and total server memory, user connections, buffer cache hit ratio, batch requests, and more. Identify performance issues that need troubleshooting.

Monitor system performance
Track operating system metrics: processor utilization, network usage, paging, disk and memory metrics, and find out how they affect SQL Server performance. Get enough information to be able to fix performance bottlenecks and deadlocks.

Monitor database performance
Monitor databases on multiple local and remote SQL Server instances, keep track of the database files size, growth rates, and plan your hardware capacities.

Real-time monitoring
Track performance changes as they happen. Monitor metric changes continuously in real-time to get a complete picture of your server's health and behavior.

Configurable monitoring
Choose SQL Server instances to monitor. Easily enable and disable SQL Server instances. Configure and monitor the most important system metrics.

Identify the parameters that exceed the predefined limit. Be notified when a metric reaches its critical value. Be ready to diagnose and effectively fix the issues.

Comprehensive dashboard
View the metrics on an easy-to-read dashboard, visually distinguished per operating system and SQL Server. Quickly identify the metrics that should be addressed.

ApexSQL Monitor Features

  • SQL Server metrics monitoring - Monitor the most important SQL Server performance parameters - longest running transactions, memory grants pending, page life expectancy, page reads and writes per second, target and total server memory, buffer cache hit ratio, and more
  • System metrics monitoring - Monitor the most important system performance parameters - processor utilization, disk bytes write per second, disk bytes read per second, processor queue length, available memory, and more
  • Database metrics monitoring - Monitor all databases on the SQL Server instance and their total, data, and log file size, as well as their log growth
  • Real-time monitoring - Track changes in real-time, without delay or propagation
  • Comprehensive graphs - View comprehensive graphs that clearly depict the metric value
  • Metric history - View what happened in the past
  • Agentless architecture - Monitor your environment without installing agents
  • Central repository - Store all metrics, configuration data, and options used in the central repository. Easily review stored information
  • Lightweight monitoring - Monitor system, database, and SQL Server parameters without impacting performance
  • Setup the application with minimal complexity - Use the simple setup wizard that requires minimal user interaction
  • Built-in alerting - Be notified whenever a parameter reaches a pre-defined critical value
  • Up to date support for SQL Server versions - Supports SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, and 2005
  • Up to date support for Windows - Full support for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012
Component Property
Database type Microsoft SQL Server 2017
Database type Microsoft SQL Server 2016
Database type Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Database type Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Database type Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Database type Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Software Properties Group
32bit/64bit 32bit
32bit/64bit 64bit
For OS Windows Vista and above
Version 2017

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ApexSQL Monitor

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