• UserGate Mail Server

UserGate Mail Server is an affordable and easy to administer alternative to Microsoft Exchange. It is designed for small and medium sized business use and offers email filtering and continuous availability.

UserGate Mail Server is a full-function, affordable and powerful solution that helps you organize your corporate mail, filter spam, provide maximum spam protection, and scan your incoming traffic using four antivirus modules. The product has BYOD concept support and also features email archiving, external email downloading and collaboration functions.

How does it work?

UserGate Mail Server can be installed on any Windows-based machine. It can download corporate email from one or multiple domains, scan it for viruses, malware, and carry out an anti-spam check. The product supports Active Directory, internal mailings, calendar, mail backup, and many other functions. Users can work with any email clients or use our web mail client.

Software Properties Group
32bit/64bit 32bit, 64bit
Version 2.X

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UserGate Mail Server

  • Brand: entensys
  • Product Code: 2.X
  • Availability: In Stock

Available Options

Item description Unit Price Qty
UserGate Mail Server (10 users) ¥3,213.00
UserGate Mail Server (15 users) ¥4,194.00
UserGate Mail Server (20 users) ¥5,166.00
UserGate Mail Server (25 users) ¥5,814.00
UserGate Mail Server (30 users) ¥6,462.00
UserGate Mail Server (40 users) ¥7,119.00
UserGate Mail Server (50 users) ¥7,767.00
UserGate Mail Server (75 users) ¥9,144.00
UserGate Mail Server (100 users) ¥10,530.00
UserGate Mail Server (150 users) ¥12,150.00
UserGate Mail Server (200 users) ¥14,103.00
UserGate Mail Server (100 additional mailboxes) ¥3,447.00

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