BB FlashBack Express is really powerful

BB FlashBack Express is really powerful

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Function description:

Recorded effect: highlight the mouse pointer, click action and scroll wheel will appear circle and arrow.

Reset the screen resolution before recording

Hide desktop icon before recording and resume after recording.

Record a sound card or microphone. I tested a lot of software for recording screens, and it basically didn't support my sound card.

You can record the camera.

Recording area optional: full screen, current window, specific area

Support shortcut key recording

Export video with Swf or avi option

One click upload to web services, including youtube, of course, this software does not support the domestic video website. But it can be uploaded via Ftp.

The free version is very generous, there is no watermark.

When you record a game, you don't get stuck. This is great! The screen will go black at the beginning and end of the recording. After recording, it must be saved as its special file format FBR. If you open the FBR file, you can see the main interface of the software. The timeline details screen changes, window changes, mouse clicks, keystrokes, and sound waves. Press space to play or pause.

After installation, the software will appear as a taskbar toolbar, which can be set to show only tray ICONS.

The disadvantage is that you cannot edit the recorded file. Buy a paid version.

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